Transforming hearts and minds

A career in helping others, whether it be through counselling, case management, youth work, drug and alcohol work, child care, dispute resolution or management, will not only provide you with amazing personal fulfilment and life opportunities but it will make a world of difference in the lives of others.

Course Categories


The Diploma of Counselling (CHC51712) is a nationally recognised course that provides the first step towards a rewarding career in Counselling and entry into the counselling profession. 

Relationship Counselling

Family breakup is an enormous community issue. Parents and children can suffer a great deal due to the stress caused by misunderstandings, personality differences, pressures...

Family Dispute Resolution

Family breakup is an enormous community issue. Parents and children can suffer a great deal due to unclear shared care arrangements. Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners provide...

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Mental Health

There are lots of reasons that people lose control with alcohol and other drugs. Some people are impacted by peer pressure and experimentation in their youth or in certain work or social...

Case Management

Case Managers work with individuals and families who are having a rough time in life. Disability, parenting in difficult circumstances, mental health problems, migration and...

Youth Work

Have you got a big heart for young people? Perhaps you can see the effects of trauma that stop our youth from having meaningful work prospects and continually losing battles with motivation...


Managers are a special breed of people who can see the big picture and have dreams of creating new ways of doing things and building prosperity both for themselves and others in their community....

Latest News

  • Trauma Therapies for Children

    Work in Cambodia with one of two Children’s orphanages for 3 weeks and use your skills in making a difference for displaced children who have lost parents through being kidnapped, used as sex slaves, drug mules, abandoned or orphaned. Help try to unify families separated through poverty and trauma. A trained interpreter will be available to support you as well as the staff at either Homeland NGO or Hope for Cambodian Children—Children’s home.